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Fertile Friends

I must have made close to ten baby quilts in the last two years…I am at “that age”. Here are two from The Modern Quilt Workshop.

This one is the Once Upon a Time pattern. [please ignore the unfinished binding and the quilt behind it! :)] The woman I teach with that chose the pattern is a communication arts teacher (English). I think it’s perfect that she selected this pattern because it is essentially a story telling quilt. The child/parent points to a block and starts the story. You continue to another block that is connected to keep the story going. Some blocks only have one path, while others have multiple options or are dead ends. Imagine the story telling possibilities!

I love the Plain Spoken pattern. Something about the simple shapes and the use of all solids makes me smile. This was my first time to quilt in a circle- or any type of curve for that matter. [the only quilts I do the actual quilting on are baby size quilts. I take my others to a woman with a long arm.] Ha! “a woman with a long arm.” That brings a funny image to mind. :)


I love the way a quilt wrinkles after you take it out of the dryer. Yummy! [for what it’s worth, I am on the “don’t wash your fabrics before quilting” side of the Great Fabric Washing Debate.]

3 Responses to Fertile Friends

  1. kathy July 16, 2007 at 1:13 pm #

    Beautiful quilts. Making the I Spy quilt is still on my list somewhere. I really like the circle quilting you did on the second one. Did you start and stop each line individually or was there a technique for overlapping them?

  2. rubyrose July 17, 2007 at 4:03 am #

    love the Plain Spoken quilt, great colours (both front and back), the circle quilting really sets it off.

  3. emptybobbins July 17, 2007 at 9:24 am #

    Thanks so much for the compliments! It’s fun to know that someone out there is reading my words.

    Kathy, when I was quilting this I was really just flying by the seat of my pants. :) I knew what I wanted it to look like so I just played with it until it did. I started by making the larger rings that look like they are “on top.” First I traced around a plastic cup and quilted circle after circle around it. (I used the bar that goes on my machine to make the distance between them consistent.) Once I had three or four larger circles spread out on the quilt I started to go back and fill in other areas. I tried to make them with a variety of “ring numbers,” if that makes any sense. When they ran together I did have to stop and start up that ring again.

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