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“We Cause Scenes”

New and fascinating websites are quite enjoyable. With that in mind, I’d like to direct you to an old favorite… 

Every once in awhile I like to check in on the shenanigans over at Improv Everywhere. If you’ve not heard of this NYC group, make your way over there. Right. Now. You may have heard of their “No Pants” stunts before. On a day in January, Agents (an army of volunteers) get on the subway not wearing any pants. Of course, regular riders are perplexed and giggle. Then at some point later in the ride, a person gets on and, you guessed it, is selling pants. :) That stunt has happened yearly, like the Mp3 experiments. However, my all time favorites are the “Best Buy” and the “Look Up More” missions. There are videos and photos and you get a well-written play by play.

One recent mission involved red headed Agents protesting at a Wendy’s. Why? Read, find out and enjoy. :)

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