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School of Sewing: Book Trailer & Class Outlines

School of Sewing landing page:

I want to share a little today about the School of Sewing landing page! You can find it at It has been up and running and the feedback we’re getting on it is so very wonderful to hear.

Among the features:

  • Watch the book trailer (I dare you to NOT get the itch to teach someone to sew!)
  • Find more projects to sew using in the set of free patterns and tutorials. It’s my list of tried and true favorites!
  • Take a peek inside the book!
  • Download (FREE!) class outlines for each of the 12 projects in the book. If you are a shop teaching a room full of customers or an individual teaching a neighbor… these outlines are just for you! Class prep, supply lists, skills taught, teaching tips… it’s all there!

School of Sewing: Free downloadable class outlines from

I’m loving following along Instagram as beginners learn to sew. In the book and on Instagram, I’ve encouraged people to use the hashtag #schoolofsewing to share photos. Please join the fun as you work through the book!

Here’s a nifty School of Sewing fact to end on….One of the students profiled in the book just made her THIRD quilt! To say I am proud of her would be a gigantic understatement.


One Response to School of Sewing: Book Trailer & Class Outlines

  1. Rori Jensen October 7, 2016 at 7:37 am #

    Hello Shea,
    I teach beginning quilting students in my studio at and I am finding more of them are wanting to sew more than just a quilt. I am excited/nervous to teach from your School of Sewing book (it’s the “doing something new” syndrome) to a group of gals starting in January. I have been following you and your Instagram hashtag schoolofsewing and have gotten some great ideas from some other folks teaching. Looking forward to this new adventure and THANKS so much for the free outlines! You are so generous!

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