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The Little Spark by Carrie Bloomston

The Little Spark

My children are constantly seeking out opportunities and craving more and more time to simply create and draw and imagine. I love watching them reach for supplies in their beloved “art spinner” when they are armed with the potential of a giant piece of blank white paper. And yet, I don’t carve out enough time {…Continue Reading}

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Book Ends

My book club will celebrate it’s third birthday in November. We are a group of middle school teachers and the books we read range from young adult novels to your normal “book club books” you see on the best sellers list. If you are in the market for a good read, I’d recommend most of the {…Continue Reading}

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My work on both my Christmas quilt and this little blog will be a little less regular for a while. We have a visitor at our house.    If you are currently in the market for a great read (Mr. Potter excluded), I strongly suggest Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I finished it last night {…Continue Reading}

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